Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Soy Easy!

Braised tempeh in coconut curry

Daniel yesterday before I left with the iPad. Not happy about that

Almost two Tessa
Ah spring! Well that's what the calendar says but per usual, it is awful outside. But it is a Y day so I don't have to brave the wind chill. The other day, instead of parking as I have for the past 3 months on icepack, one of my tires actually touched bare pavement! Things are melting; the sump pump goes on nonstop. I guess it's a blessing that things aren't melting too fast or we would be flooded.

I would have missed my cooking class due to travel, but another break. The snow last week cancelled it so we had everything soy yesterday. Since Komen partially funds the class, they have a breast cancer specific class every year..and soy is the usual topic. Should estrogen positive BC survivors avoid this stuff? In lab animals transvected with ER+ tumors, components of soy spur tumor growth. No such studies in humans but cultures that rely on soy for protein tend to have much lower rates of BC. This could be because their dietary fat intake is much lower (and fat is no good). In our teacher's opinion (a registered dietician who has had both ER- and ER+BC) soy is a non-issue but she understands the nervousness of some who are taking estrogen blockers not to increase estrogen-like substances.

For the past year, we had a sous-chef (in charge of slicing and dicing) who was 'giving back to the community' after his father died of cancer. His term is up so now, Sue, the sous-chef. Years of cooking, including cooking for 70 in the co-ops have made me quite handy with the knife. Brownies with soy milk inside and avocado for the fat: tofu stuffed shells, and the best: braised tempeh with coconut curry (recipes under my posts in FB). As usual, we tell our cancer stories. Saddest: someone who has Stage 4 BC just found out her daughter has stage 3 of a different kind. Just another reminder not to sweat the small stuff (which my whole week has been filled with).

And I have been seeing the grandbabies (except for Allie though we go over there later today). Maya hasn't made a potty mistake in a month at school and is becoming so much more articulate. I've spent the most time with Tessa, who is so adorable and eager to please. Although none of the grandbabies really look like my children, Tessa reminds me so much in her behaviors at least, of Shanna. So quick to learn though maybe Tessa is more co-ordinated. But beware of puberty....

I was playing 'acting' with Daniel and Tessa. Make a happy face; make a sad face, make an angry face.. Tess's not happy faces could only last for a second before she burst out in smiles. She is also the easiest to photograph(OK maybe Allie with her immobility might be easier) and loves to model.
She turns two tomorrow. It seems just yesterday we spent the month in Massachusetts awaiting her arrival.

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