Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Walk in the Park

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I still haven't found the ideal way to post photos to an iPad  so perhaps they will have to wait until we return to Michigan ,which is now being hit with a blizzard of 6 to 9 inches of snow, strong winds with very low temps to come. Meanwhile yesterday it was sunny and close to 70 in Central Park where we took a walk yesterday. I have a photo of beach volleyball played by shirtless people next to snow piles. A beautiful day enjoyed by many. Thr reservoir is starting to melt with lots of water birds crowding the liquid portions including my favorite wood ducks..need to wait for Steve's pictures for that. Throngs of tourists crowding Strawberry Fields, hawkers of John Lennon stuff, the Dakota, snow drops flowering in some parts.

We are staying in a large for NYC apartment in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, mainly populated by various Jewish groups. My running path goes by bearded men with very tall hats. I rarely see women. Little girls wear long skirts. Seven of us are currently sharing my BIL  and his wife's space along with my Seattle SIL and her son and our step niece who also lives here. Steve and I are sleeping on a sofa bed, difficult the first night because of the springs in my back. I have since cushioned myself with couch cushions though the first night of that resulted in me tumbling to the floor as it is an unstable. arrangement. Last night I actually had a good nights sleep. Still there is just one bathroom and it is hard to coordinate activities whensome of us are up at the butt crack of dawn and others aren't up to well past noon. As it is still nice here, I will go for a run soon. Michigan's crappy weather hits about a day later but in a much milder form.

Here's a tip: never, never take a car into the city during the work week.
After having a nice lunch in a Polish section of Brooklyn, my BIL drove us into the City. We would have been fine until he attempted to cross town through Times Square. Oh well, we were able to see a lot as we creeped along. Parking turned out to be impossible so we were dropped off and returned by
train, which has a stop a few blocks away.

Later, dinner for ten ( my SIL's best friend, husband and daughter joined us) at Steve's favorite restaurant per la cucina napoletana.  Very good..veal parm for most, wine, baked clams, antipasti, spaghetti. I had Vitelli alla bolognese. Yum.

Then to the friends house for Italian pastries. The husband is a successful architect and designed the rehab of this house. OMG  Very at some point. The kids chillaxed on a terrace in a large hot tub. I used the heated toilet with a whole menu of cleaning options beyond the usual dabbing oneself with toilet paper. Water jets, whose force and temperature, could be directed at various portions of the nether regions. Oscillating or pulsating? your choice. Oh and a deodorizing button too if need be No need here.

The architect has designed and built an entirely green condo structure on the beach. The press is touring today and we get our private tour right afterwards. There are similar places in Portland and Seattle but it's a first for the East Coast. Everything is recycled so need to tap into the grid for any utility. Looking forward to this and you, my readers will get it before the press, whose article won't come out for a week or two.
The veal parm
detail of Central Park Bridge
In the Strawberry Fields area. Lots of tourists lined up to lie down next to it
Detail of the Dakota fence (where John Lennon was lived and died)

The restaurant
Sherman statue in Grand Arm Plaza
The tallest building is 157 57th. I will be the tallest residential building n th Western Hemisphere
Snow and shirtless volleyball players

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