Monday, October 28, 2013

Wine no more..

For the past 2 weeks, I've been conducting an experiment on myself. What would happen if I cut out the wine (and other alcohol)?

I didn't completely cut it out. If I was around friends, I would limit myself to 2 glasses but if I were by myself or with Steve, nothing. I have said this to no one so far as I have a habit of breaking promises to myself. Steve must notice the lack of dirty wine glasses around but he has said nothing. Of course he has said nothing when there were too many glasses (and empty bottles) around. He hasn't drank in over 3 years

This all started with the strep throat. Alcohol does not feel good on an inflamed throat. But in the doctor's office I was weighed. I didn't look on the scale (bad enough mood already) but later the bad news was on my receipt along with my other vitals. OMG!!! Biking 1500 miles and running almost as far has been for naught? I felt drastic measures needed to be taken but drastic measures rarely work over the long haul so on to Plan B, baby steps. I would only socially drink and at that, limit it.

I found myself looking forward to 5 a bit too much (would not drink before that time). Yeah I know a bit might be good for me as it relaxes me but I was going beyond a bit. A zillion empty calories. And maybe it is linked to why I wake up so much in the middle of the night though so far, I still am waking up.

And alcohol consumption is linked to breast cancer. The worst case is drinking when consuming hormone replacements. Apparently alcohol interferes with the metabolism of  estrogen leading to estrogen spikes leading to stimulation of any cancer cells that might be hanging around. Now TNBC is not stimulated by estrogen but who knows if it didn't start out as estrogen positive and just mutated into TNBC cells. And I threw away the estrogen replacements as soon as my suspicious lesion was discovered.

Well so far, I haven't noticed a whole lot of positive effects but I guess I need to give it more time. I really do miss it.

Yesterday I went for my long bike ride waiting for it to be at least 40 before I began. Still my toes became numb with cold. I was invited to Josh's for dinner with an interesting twist, I should bring dinner as they are too exhausted to cook it for us. What should I bring? Something about matzoh ball soup?Well I only make that when I have a chicken or turkey carcass around and it isn't especially healthy (and it is very time consuming to make). So grilled chicken caesar salad, rice with broccoli and mixed berries for dessert. No wine.

Little Allie looked like an angel, not the devil baby keeping them awake the whole night before. They were tired. And after work this week and last, he is to be entertaining his former hosts, the Brazilians. They were so nice to him, he feels he has to return the favor.

And then on to more episodes of Orange is the New Black. Yeah I did drink some wine.

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