Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It only hurts when I swallow

Yesterday started off good. a sunny, crisp fall day. I went for a long run on the scenic beauty road. and then went on a short bike ride. But by late morning , I was shivering. I just could not keep warm. I thought I had overdressed for my run. Did biking in a sweaty shirt cause me to become chilled? I huddled under a blanket. By evening, my throat started to ache. Not too bad, I assumed I'd be fine by morning but no, during the night my throat became worse and worse. This morning using my flashlight app, I noticed that danglely thing (uvula?) at the back of my mouth was swollen three times its size. Everything was beefy red with patches of white stuff. Classic strep throat? I had taken a bunch of aspirin so I could sleep so that took care of the fever.

I had a Rapid Strep Test at the doctors which has a high rate of false negatives. But fortunately it was positive so I wouldn't have to wait a day or more for the traditional culture. And good that it as strep, which can be treated versus viral throat infections.

But this is interfering with my plans. No baby holding tomorrow. No this, no that. I might be contagious for 48 hours while on antibiotics. I called the dentist to explain. They want me to come in anyway.

How did I get this? I haven't had this since I was a teenager when I had it maybe 5 times. A lady in the waiting room says it is going through day care centers. She got it a few weeks ago and still hasn't recovered and now is thinking about another line of work. Very young children present differently: no sore throats, just runny noses.

Such a waste being sick! I am feeling better though. Below is what I am missing from being ill

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