Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fried Ice Cream

Yesterday I asked Steve to find some cinnamon ice cream to complement the apple crisp I made for the Moms. He came back with the Fried ice cream. Never heard of it but it does have cinnamon along with pieces of something (donuts? snickerdoodle dough?) suspended therein. A new one for me.

The hosting mom lives out in the country. Her driveway seems to be paved with fallen black walnuts squishing under our feet as we walked up it. On her property, she has some rare American chestnut trees that were spared in the blight so she occasionally has chestnuts if the squirrels don't get there first. In the spring, the yard is covered with morels.

My mom loved 'free food' such as black walnuts. Yes black walnuts taste good, though I didn't think so as a  child but they were so much work to extract. Extra bonus, hands getting black touching them. She even made jelly from our choke cherry trees.

But it is always nice being with the Moms. Wine, tasty food (though somewhat boring dessert) and lots of sharing. It's been almost 34 years since we first started meeting with our bobbleheads. Now we have almost 9 grand babies (one is due in 6 weeks) between us. One of the grand babies is taller than the grand mom. ( I bet all my grandbabies will be ultimately taller than me except for maybe Tessa though she is tall now).

A slightly warmer (than what it has been) weekend. But instead of calm, it will be very windy. I rather have the calm.

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