Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cranes and frogs

Sandhill cranes

Despite the steady drizzle, out I went on my 22 mile bike ride. I stopped to photograph a flock
 of turkeys right next to the road. Alas they scattered as soon as got the iphone out. So many
 frogs,mainly roadkill, were on the road! Again I saw my 8 sandhill cranes grazing in a plowed
 over corn field but this time I set Steve with his zoom lens to photograph them.

Ah new parenthood. Josh was giving me advice on how to hold a baby yesterday. I said he 
must regard it as a miracle that he and his sisters made it to age one.
Well maybe you forgot. (he didn't think Allie was getting the proper head support, she was
 and she was content)
I just had those four recent refresher courses.

We watched UM retain the little brown jug. At one point, the camera showed some of the
 tailgaters outside of the stadium. There was Josh's ex-wife catching a football on national TV.
 Some photos of Allie yesterday. Note the blanket

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Holly said...

The crocheted blanket is lovely!,


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