Friday, October 25, 2013

How do you like them apples?

The title of this post was from a line in Good Will Hunting. When this movie was imported to France, the translator just could not come up with a similar line in French. In your face?

Last year the early spring then freeze killed all the apple blossoms so no apples here last year. Peaches blossom at the same time but their blossoms are hardier (even though the fruit is more delicate) so at least we had peaches, a superior fruit in my book.

But our delayed spring this year translated into a bumper crop of apples, so many that growers are having trouble finding pickers. A friend recently shared her pickings with me, a half of a grocery bag..lots and lots of apples. Today I spent close to 2 hours peeling and slicing to get 8 quarts of slices which were then converted into 2 apple crisps. One of these will be taken to The Moms tonight. I am the dessert lady. I was going to make poached pears in wine but maybe some other day.

Aside from the walnut and hickory trees, there are lots of abandoned apple trees along my bike routes. An additional hazard is running over the mashed apples, slippery, and upsetting the wasps feeding on them.  All will be gone soon enough. Gray, cold November is almost here.

One of my nieces enjoying the fall

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