Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Little Mermaid

Maya found her Halloween costume yesterday while I was watching her and insisted on wearing it. She loves tutus, ruffles, glitter and all that is baby glam.

Spurred by the recent birth, I've been looking through baby books. Even though Maya was much smaller than my children and the other grandchildren before two, she now at 3 is the exact height and weight Shanna was at age 3. At 18 months, Shanna, Tessa, Maya, Daniel and Oliver were exactly the same height (32 inches) which is tall, especially for the girls. They had widely differing weights though with Shanna the heaviest and Oliver the lightest. It is fun to watch them grow. I suspect Ms. Allie will have them all beat eventually.

Also from the babybook:

Lots of identical features between father and daughter at the exact same age. Soon after I had sent this to Josh (and he must have shown it to the MIL) the following was sent to me:
Well I agree that Allie's chin definitely came from the Mom (and her mom) but the rest of Allie's features, to me, are clearly Josh's.

Mom and daughter today:

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Anonymous said...

Lexi has her mermaid costume, too. I guess it is the year of the mermaid.


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