Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eggs and Sausage

So you need a bathroom...which do you choose?

Lots of toasters on the wall
One of the few advantages of Julie choosing to give birth in that out of the way hospital, St. Chop-A-Lot, is that it is located in the Land of Good Breakfast Places. We decided to eat in one of them before yesterday's visit though my absolute favorite one was closed on Monday. This one, Toast, features a variety of very good toast. I had cheese jalapeno toast with my artichoke/red pepper omelet served with my favorite cheesy grits. On top of the cheesy grits, I put Foodie Sauce, a gemisch of cherries, peppers and carrots. All very tasty. Steve returned from the bathroom all annoyed though it does not take much; give him only chopsticks to eat in an Asian restaurant and he'll whine. He didn't appreciate having to think when choosing a door.

Eggs or Sausage?

Well who has eggs? How well did you do on the analogy section of the SAT anyway? He was in a position to watch puzzled people pause before the bathroom doors. The men hesitated the most. And when I when back to photograph it, I noticed the colors: Pink versus blue...and you hesitated?

As for Julie selecting the Chophouse to give birth at, she was born there and didn't realize she would be moving so far away. There is a spanking new shiny hospital less than five miles from her. She is choosing a pediatrician there. I was reading their promotion stuff for the birthing center (no word on C-section rates). To promote mother/baby bonding, they don't clean either up for an hour so they could get used to each other's smell. Also, they delay putting the antibiotic ointment in immediately because newborn babies are at their most alert for the first hour and you don't want to mess up their first vision of the world (mainly Mom)with vaseline.

Naomi's divorce was finalized this morning. Most of the ground work was done during mediation last week. Today Don'tae the plaintiff had to read the decree out loud. He kept reading 'filed' as 'filled'. He had a very hard time with 'reconciliation" (there will be none of that). It was a one size fits all form. He started reading "During the period of separation, I became pregnant..." before realizing this might not pertain to him. They were the only couple there not represented by lawyers. The lawyers did the hard work of reading the complaint and their clients just had to say Yes. We have become experts in self-help divorces.

All that is left is to pick up paperwork next week.

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