Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vitamins for cancer prevention

Not only do I want to be cute for my husband by being able to work harder but since my stint in cancerland, I've been taking vitamins to hopefully increase my odds of cancer not returning. The vitamin most associated with cancer is Vitamin D as studies have corellated low levels with higher cancer incidence. There is no guarantee that this will work but I figure it can't hurt. I take 1000 mg of Vit D in the morning along with a baby aspirin and my Synthroid and have a multivitamin at night which contains more.

The studies showing that aspirin lowers recurrence for BC are weak and were not designed specifically to show this. All that can be said that nurses who had had BC that took any amount of aspirin for any reason had half of the recurrences as the non-aspirin takers. At any rate, it  might prevent strokes and heart attacks too. Having chemo allegedly reduced my risk by a factor of two also. Taking an aspirin  seems much less painful though I certainly would not recommend people substituting it for chemo.The downside of aspirin taking is that it is tough on my stomach lining which still hasn't recovered by having the Red Devil shred it.

It is very pretty outside. I ran hearing the spring peepers this morning. 


Chez said...

Dropping in to say 'Hi' Sue and let you know it is lovely to be back reading your words. It does seem Vit D has been very much underated in the fight against breast cancer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! I've been Vitamin D deficient for a few years, finally got that on track, and five months later, have been diagnosed with cancer! So I shall KEEP taking my 2,000 IUs of D every day! Thanks!


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