Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perpetually March

Flowers on my patio from last summer
All I have in bloom now are snow drops and some scraggly hyacinths
Cold and rainy yet again here in drab Michigan. In the morning I chose whether I want it cold but relatively calm or slightly warmer but windy to run in. We had close to 5 inches of slush the other day but it mostly gone by the afternoon. Yesterday morning my car was encased in ice which  disappeared after an hour but fortunately was not on the paved streets. Josh presumably played soccer last night in the cold rain though I am not that much of a soccer mom to go see him while freezing. Besides I was with a good friend to celebrate by birthday which is technically tomorrow.

I did add to my solar light collection to boost my mood somewhat.

Steve's family will all be together this afternoon in Boston. Meanwhile I am on my own. I finished watching Mildred Pierce. Evan Rachel Wood played the perfect snake in the grass while Kate Winslett played the blindly loving mom. We see what we want to see.

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Holly said...

yay - happy birthday a day early!!


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