Sunday, April 17, 2011

The onerous ominous omentum

Recently a good friend of mine was told that she had suspicious lesions on her omentum. On what?

The omentum is an apron of tissue and fat that protects the abdominal organs. It is sometimes a site for mets to form from colon, uterine or ovarian cancer. An attempt to biopsy the lesions failed to show cancer. Then there was an undelightful search for the possible primary tumor, which could not be found. Finally there was an exploratory surgery to see what was going on. It turned out that the lesions were not cancer (good!!!!) but an inflammatory response to surgical glove powder from surgery my friend had years ago. Apparently this has happened before. My friend should be a case on House.

Why were they even looking there anyway? She had gall bladder pain and they saw the lesions while imaging the gall bladder. This has since been removed.

Ah winter again here..please, please go away. I ran early hoping that the wind would be minimal then. My face was blasted with sleet. Steve left bright and early to go to Boston. He'll have a huge tail wind driving there.

Naomi  (and Maya) came over for studying joined later by Don'tae and his other 12 year old brother I hadn't met who seemed to be a sweet boy. Josh stopped by for a while. He might be shipped to Mexico City for a while to teach a class to Mexican engineers. I offered him my Spanish books but again, he refuses to learn any foreign language.

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