Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diaries vs blogs vs laboratory notebooks

Between 8th grade and sometime in the middle of my freshman year at college, I've kept diaries, the cover of one I posted 4-21-11. These were not meant to be read by anyone other than myself. My current self has left these alone for many years. I glanced briefly at the one whose cover I scanned the other day; the usual adolescent yearnings and declarations of undying love for unworthy boys. I also tried to ensure these diaries did not fall into the hands of snoops. Some of them, I tried to write in French though my potential snoop population unfortunately had some knowledge of this language. In others I wrote in shorthand learning the Gregg system. I wonder if there is even a need for stenos anymore and whether this is a lost art. Anyway, there are 3 different sizes of  'brief forms' and unless you are using ruled paper, which I was not, it is difficult to discern one size from the other. These diaries are untranslatable even by myself. (Meine arbeit ist so geheim dass....). But since most of it are detailed accounts of my petting sessions, I think the world can live in ignorance.

The closest I have to a diary now are my Books of Miles, aka my running diaries. They need no protection from the reading public as the content is only interesting to my compulsive self.

Then there is this blog. I leave my sexual exploits out of it for many reasons with the primary reason is that I do not want a divorce. The closest I've come to discussing my sex life is  writing the statement that chemo and sex do not mix despite the name of that book having Sexy and Cancer in it. I also try not to include names excepting those of my family members who I probably should not include. Perhaps I will change them some day. People don't want to google themselves and find themselves in a blog. I started one originally to detail my experience in Italy and then not much longer after, to discuss my experience battling cancer (however passively). I hope that the information I give in the blogs on cancer research is useful. My blogs are not complete. I do not discuss certain issues even if they are central to my life. I do not lie in these blogs but I am selective on what goes into them. I do try to include experiences that give me joy or interesting things that I encounter. I do have difficulty expressing my feelings other than to say I am angry or sad.

Then there are the laboratory notebooks which sometimes, my blog seems to closely resemble. Laboratory notebooks are not meant to entertain but are legal documents. They are written in a manner that another chemist should be able to follow. They are to contain no opinions or emotions. Each page had to be read, witnessed and signed by someone who would not be on a patent containing those pages. It is very important documenting when and or if a particular compound was made. Notebooks can be subpoened in patent disputes. I once had to attend a deposition attesting only that the witness signature was my own on a disputed page. But suffice it to say, if ones company loses a patent dispute due to your poor notebook, it will not be amused. Its intellectual property (IP) is worth way more than anything concrete and it will defend its IP vigorously.

Back here in the gloaming, it is at least warm. Naomi wanted me to be a witness this morning when the public health nurse came. But she seemed very happy with Maya's progress.

Steve did make it back late yesterday afternoon from Boston bringing treats from the North End that will be part of the dessert I have for the Moms in a few days. There were a few days that I seemed to be overcome with loneliness while he was gone though I do have 2 of my kids nearby and I did see them both several times in his absence.
Shanna and her family outside her apartment on the Harborwalk in Boston. Also in the picture
are her father Steve, Uncle Harold and his wife Diane and Aunt Maddy.
I've run along this Harborwalk many times but by the time I return to Boston, they
 will have moved.

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