Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Rape of the Lock

Yesterday I went to a reunion of former co-workers from a different department than what I had worked in. They had invited my former labmate who travelled across the state to attend and who asked me to come. We were good buddies so sure, I'd go.

Some how these people remembered me but I must have an awful memory for faces. I was drawing blanks. But it was fun and I enjoyed seeing my buddy.

He was the unofficial social director for our group always arranging white water rafting, canoe, camping and bicycling trips for us all. He also held regular parties at his house complete with bonfires. He also volunteered for the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters organization and tried to include the little brother on our adventures.

Fifteen years ago, he brought his then 16 year old  little 'brother' along on one of the white water/camping trips. This kid was extremely obnoxious and socially awkward. He certainly needed a lot of guidance and my friend was trying to modify his behavior on their weekly visits as much as possible. On this same trip, I brought Shanna, then 17, and Josh and his buddy; both 14. During the weekend, it was apparent he had a crush on Shanna and made very clumsy attempts to engage her. She was not the least bit interested. I had driven the 6 of us down there in my trusty minivan. On the way back, Shanna and I sat in the front row, my friend and the 'brother' in the 2nd row and Josh and his buddy in the far back row. Shanna was asleep with her long hair draped over the back of the seat. Before becoming a mother, Shanna seemed to sink into a coma while sleeping; nothing seemed to disturb her. This made her a perfect baby dropping off to sleep for 8 hours at a time when she was just 2 weeks old. Unfortunately her siblings and children did not inherit this trait.

After I dropped off my friend and the 'brother', Josh immediately launched into a diatribe on how 'whack' that kid was. He and his friend reported that while Shanna was sleeping, the 'brother' was caressing Shanna's hair and seemingly getting off on it. I was doubtful of this as my friend never went to sleep and certainly would have noticed this and hopefully would have put a stop to this. It turned out he did notice it but was afraid of waking Shanna. He eventually had the little brother apologize to Shanna for this behavior.

Shanna's response to the incident: Ewwww!

I saw this kid about 6 years ago. He did grow up and was married with a child so he was able to learn a few social graces.

Finally it seems to be spring: warm and sunny. I was able to run out on the 'scenic' road this morning in shorts.
I will be alone until late Monday as it turns out. Shanna is having a big, double Easter dinner for everyone in Boston. Double Easter? The Orthodox Christian Easter usually is much later than the 'western' Christian one but this year they are on the same date; a rarity. She converted to the Orthodox church before her marriage.

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