Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunny evening

All the above are from the net-perfectly timed photos.

It was a sunny evening last night. I had spent the day in a dark mood throwing a pity party. Yeah I know, cancer survivors are supposed to embrace each birthday as some sort of victory against the alternative. One heroine of mine, who happens to be my age, didn't get to see the same birthday. Grete Waitz, the former Olympic marathoner, died Tuesday of an undisclosed cancer she's been battling for several years. So much for having a healthy lifestyle sparing one.

But the clouds pass. Onto soccer night on the only sunny day this week ( I saw some wet flakes again this morning!). There were plenty of geese overhead (no storks with contrails or vultures forming smily faces) and clouds of gnats. Josh's team happens to be overly stocked with talent and if their third buddy ever shows up, will be even more so. They so far have been winning by huge margins. When he leaves next month for Mexico City (which seems to be a go), they will not miss him.

After the game, Josh took me out for a birthday dinner. It's been a while since I've been alone with him. We had some interesting talks.

I hope he'll be safe in Mexico though most of the scariness seems to be on the border. The engineers that he is training promise to take good care of him.

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