Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Skinny babies

Not a skinny baby but very cute. He is at least 1/32  Irish having a great- great-great-grandfather from Dublin
Ms. Maya went for her 9 month check-up. All is well except she is not gaining any weight even though she became taller. So now she is only 10%tile for weight and 83%tile for height. She seems to want to eat all the time. Perhaps all these fruits and vegetables don't have as many calories as breast milk. Now she has to go see a nutritionist. In the meantime, she is now eating cheese. She is supposed to be supplemented on formula which is expensive so Naomi is seeing if she can get back on WIC as money is very tight.

My kids all started off in the high percentiles for both weight and height but they all turned tall and thin. Shanna especially was very thin. She barely hit 100 lbs in high school and she is almost 5'6". Yes I fed them. Oliver is also very thin though he has started getting heavier. Both of the boys had stomach viruses last week. Daniel continued to eat, despite the puking; Oliver, not much of a chow hound, refused food. He had to be hospitalized briefly to rehydrate.

On the TV this morning, they featured a young couple with a 18 month baby who found out within weeks of each other that they have advanced cancers: Stage 4 BC and Stage 3 rectal cancer. Who says that life is fair.

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Holly said...

that is so horrible - about the young is very, very difficult at times...makes me grateful for every day!


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