Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's a mean, mean world

From; one of my favorite websites

Since the election of Snyder, people here in Michigan are becoming more more polarized. Aside from the concept of increasing the taxes on the poor so business taxes can be cut (a variation of the trickle down theory), what is most controversial is forcing the cities and school districts to balance their budgets. If these entities are unable to do so, a Snyder appointed group will take over the city government or school district and do all the cuts needed. This in general means dismantling the unions. Suffice it to say, they will not go gently into that good night. We don't have much of a newspaper left here. Basically it appears to be a mean spirited place for ill-thought out commentary via internet. Ann Arbor appears to be  safe from this bizarre takeover but many neighboring communities are not. This is not a political blog (unlike a certain someones in my house that I don't read as it makes me too upset) but it seems that the destruction of the unions will turn us into just a few haves and many have nots. I can not see how this will be good.

People will even attack each other for using objectionable love here.

A cold windy rainy day here. For some reason, Naomi's teacher decided to condense the last 3 weeks of classes into one week meaning she has several units to cover. I tutored her a good part of the day.

Ms. Maya is gaining 3 or 4 new teeth at once and it is making her crabby. 

Yesterday I finally used part of my last year's birthday present and had  an almost 2 hour long massage. I really liked the therapist. Running does many good things for me but it does seem to make me less flexible and more tight. Plus the day before, I finally got around to sawing down some of the junk trees I have and it made me very sore.

Tomorrow I will be without Steve for a week. His family is all convening in Boston  at Shanna's even though in 2 weeks her family will be here for the boys' baptisms.

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