Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Jewelry Box

Slowly I am making a dent in the excess stuff here. In our lower level, we have a large file cabinet chock full of probably useless papers. I want this thing gone. I do better throwing stuff out when Steve isn't around as he seems unusually attached to weird things. But the cabinet was locked thwarting my plans. I waited impatiently for him to come home.
Where's the key? Why did you lock it?!?
He shrugged. I asked him when the last time he opened the file cabinet. Maybe ten years ago? He wasn't sure what was in the cabinet.
Somehow keys get thrown into my jewelry box. This thing is a mess beyond belief. It at least takes up only the fraction of the room that file cabinet. I emptied the thing for the first time in over 30 years and removed about 20 keys. I can't imagine what they may be for. Suitcase locks? Fortunately one of the keys worked.
Just as I thought, most of it was junk. Warranties for appliances long since dead, receipts...The only important papers were to the title of this house. I am not permitted to throw things out though. After the taxes are done, he promises to separate the truly important stuff.
I decided to finally clean out the jewelry box full of many things I will never wear again. In high school, I loved long dangling earrings. I also have kids' teeth, swatches of the kids' baby hair, hospital bracelets, spare buttons to clothes long since gone, various badges, money issued from various Caribbean nations, old watches..I found some button saying "I visited the Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame". This was deemed too valuable to throw out. He was there as a teenager.
The most valuable in a gold pocket watch that presumably belonged to my great grand ma. I also have a silver charm bracelet full of tarnish. All the silver jewelry needs to be detarnished. I have an original Cinderella watch given to me for X-mas in 1959. The strap had been replaced once but the watch still ticks 52 years later. I have a silver and wood necklace from Sweden given to me from my Grandfather on his wold cruise back in 1966.
A low key day. It is gradually becoming spring. The ponds were full of singing peepers this morning as I ran. Later I took Ms. Maya for a walk and saw crocuses in bloom. My blue snow drops are out.
We weighed Ms. Maya by difference, a poor way to do it but we don't have a baby scale. Already she is a pound more than she was a few days ago.

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krisa said...

After my cancer treatment was completed, I tackled two filing cabinets, went through boxes, closets, jewelry, keys, drawers, plus my mother's belongings.. Still not done.
I cook for my grandbaby,too. She is a year old so I can make a variety of dishes. :)


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