Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Zonkey see, zonkey do

Tessa and the zonkey: zebra dad; donkey mom
columbine rescued from old house
rescued iris  I thought I brought over my lavender colored ones but no sign of them
blue jay tile which cost more than my hand tiled shelf it is resting on
irises from Josh's father-in-law
sun coming through my glass pretties this morning

I finally updated to Windows 10 hoping that it has superior security as I am unable to download anything without being hijacked by various viruses. Not sure I like this platform. It has taken me a while to find stuff and I can't open any of my videos so no, I'm not a fan.

The drought continues with perhaps some relief in 2 days but the weather has been good for biking. 108 miles in 8 days. Sunday found me on the road by 6 am. Blissfully free of traffic. I thought I would encounter deer but no, I am more likely to on my runs. I did go by sandhill cranes who make such primitive noises. Late at night Steve looked out the window and saw a coyote lurking through our backyard lit only by the moon and my solar flying pigs. No time for a photo.

On Memorial Day, we had a BBQ here with all our kids, their kids and spouses plus a father-in-law. I wish I had planned better so I would have spent less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the kids outside. We made Moscow Mules. I also wish I took more photos ( I took none!) A good photo: the 5 kids trailing Naomi trying to get the soccer ball from her. Also the grandkids all on the patio sucking on red, white and blue popsicles turning their tongues blue.

It was nice though. People seemed to get along and the weather was perfect.

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Elephant's Child said...

I have not yet installed Windows 10. I believe it is difficult on the photo front too.
Zonkey? Sigh.
Love your glass ware. And have a big weakness for aquilegia and iris.


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