Thursday, June 2, 2016

Best Mother's Day present

These size NB monkey shoes were in my Mother's Day gift bag. who could they be for?

These tiny shoes might fit my new grandbaby but probably not. In my family, we waltz right through the newborn sizes and start at 3 months.

Josh and Julie's baby currently is the size of a large raspberry measuring a whole 1.87 cm from crown to butt, less than an inch. He/she has a strong heartbeat, which is why they feel it is somewhat safe to tell some people at least. The baby is due in early January.

New test that they did not have in 'my' day: at 10 weeks, they take Julie's blood. In it will be a few cells of the baby's, which they will study. From these few cells, they can tell if there any genetic defects along with the sex of the baby. The test takes 2 weeks to complete so in less than a month, they will have a lot more info.

Presumably fetal cells stay around for a long time. Do they have any effect on the mom? There are some autoimmune diseases that women get much more often than men. Are these foreign cells behind them? And there may be some benefits. Fetal cells have been found around tumors fighting the cancer cells. My question is since Allie's cells are still floating around, how do they distinguish the new baby from Allie.

Must consult the internet....

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Elephant's Child said...

Now there is a test I hadn't even heard of. A minefield. Yes, knowing about genetic problems is a plus, so long as you are ready to deal with bad news... And not everyone is.


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