Sunday, June 12, 2016

Whimsical gardens

Fairy gardens have been vey popular around here for the past few years. Outrageously priced accessories can be had at all the garden stores plus classes. This one was designed by a 11 year old
garden totem
another one. Lots of these on sale
mutant hydrangea
lots of sculptures
this rock garden had slabs of colored glass

another garden featured Chihuly-like glass needles within
I love this planter
still peony season
favorite mailbox
lots of the gardens featured waterfalls
pretty baby bells
new to me flower
one garden had several varieties of yellow peonies
sculpture garden

One of the Moms is on the Ann Arbor Garden Walk committee and gave tickets to us other moms. Two of us were left (one Mom was watching her son's rocket launch in did go off yesterday). Although the forecasted thunderstorms did not happen (a week so far without rain), the temps were in the mid-nineties by afternoon. Very hot to be traipsing around. Fortunately most of the gardens were heavily shaded though as I have mostly full sun here in the middle of the meadow, not useful for ideas about 'sun' gardens. Lots of ferns and hostas (boring to me).

There were 7 gardens featured and a very crude map on how to find them. Some were in areas I have never been before. Each house had something  to sell: glass pretties, perennials, garden totems, fairy garden supplies, silk scarves). One house had 2 acres of very elaborate gardens. How does one find time to tend to so much? I assume they hired people.

We stopped for a nice lunch after a full morning of touring. In the afternoon, it became impossibly hot. It had been in the mid-70s when I had gotten up to run very early that morning but somehow a cold front (without rain!) came through last night so it was in the high 40s when I started my long bike ride this morning.

On Friday, a former colleague came to lunch. A lot had happened to the two of us in the long period since we worked together so we had plenty to catch up on. I harvested some of my Swiss chard to put in a quiche and mint and lemon balm to put in a salad. Every day I rip out lots of mint and lemon balm (and creeping thyme) and it reappears.

Steve went to Maya's soccer game. She finally got the idea that she was to go after the ball, not just keep the other girls company. She had a break away dribbling fairly skillfully down the field. Unfortunately in the wrong direction....

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Elephant's Child said...

I am a lovely of whimsy and quirkiness. Just the same it can be overdone.

Smiling at Maya's soccer prowess. Apart from the skilful aspect I can so relate. There was a reason I was picked last for ball games. A good reason.


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