Friday, June 17, 2016

The Ann Lander's test

African sculpture
ceramic chickens that are now above cabinets
water color of Copenhagen in my nautical themed bathroom
These bloomed today
My flamingo willow. From a distance, it looks like it is covered with blossoms all summer
hummingbird guarding one of the feeders outside our bedroom window He is amazingly tiny

What is the Ann Lander's test? It is to determine whether you need to wear a bra or not. If your unsupported breast can hold a pencil under it,  you need a bra.  I'm in my 60s and through the miracle of reconstruction, I do NOT need a bra though this may be temporary as gravity eventually will take its toll. The cancer affected breast will never sag as it was fried to a rock from radiation.

I am 6 months out from my surgery. I am 4 months out from my bad fall ripping my lip open from my broken teeth. Although the lip is still somewhat numb and I can not use my new teeth as a tool for ripping open packages (they don't mesh right), I am finally fairly healthy even though I have been exposed to my grandchildren ( is child the only English word that has such a strange plural?) who all have been sick in the past week.

Aside from recovering from surgery and my accident, I had the worse cold early in the year at he same time I had a severe case of hot tub dermatitis in which a huge area of my skin peeled off and was weeping. Then I was covered with itchy hives. Just as I recovered from all that, I had Clindamycin (antibiotic given in the ER )induced digestive issues that lasted 3-4 weeks making me get up 3-4 times a night and all the time during the day. A friend around the same time needed to be hospitalized due to 24 hours of an intestinal flu leaving her with only 30% kidney function. What was going to happen after 3 weeks of this?

It went away. I have exercised at least once a day, sometimes twice without taking a day off since early April. Bicycling is becoming easier and easier.

I now have peach colored sparkly nails as I am finished with most of my gardening.

I harvested more rhubarb but this time I am adding strawberries to my creation for tomorrow's Mom's group.

I made a big pot of matzoh ball soup and later today, will make cheese blintzes.

The water guy came the other day as we heard all sorts of clanging from our water softener system. Right before he was scheduled to come, I figured out the problem was our sprinkler system that randomly turns itself on even in the middle of the night. This can temporarily be solved by pulling the plug. But we wanted him to check our reverse osmosis apparatus (how long do those membranes last?), the rust removal system and the softener. He checked both the tap water and the  reverse osmosis tap for ions by how much current they will conduct (absolutely pure water will not conduct a current)  The RO water was almost ion free; the tap water had plenty of ions, most of which would be sodium as the calcium and magnesium that make hard water are removed

Too many systems.

Finally a day of rain after ten days of drought but now we have 3 days of ninety or near ninety. Too hot. And I have Maya for 2 days starting tonight. Don'tae is taking off somewhere for his birthday and Naomi has to work.

No more school for any of the kids until fall.

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Elephant's Child said...

Hopefully you will stay healthy.
I am always intrigued that school doesn't operate in summer. We get around six weeks off. A couple of weeks in late December and most of January.


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