Friday, June 3, 2016

Life around here

Chipmunk fell into our pond. Steve did rescue him so he would live to raid our feeders
I now have white, yellow and orange roses
lots of these
tulip poplar Not in our yard
Clay boar head mounted in our family room to remind me of the boars I ran with (from!) in Italy Went back to get the matching cat today
This lupine survived the winter. In the past, I couldn't make them last more than a month
After 4 years, finally I have a peony blossom of my own. I have a red blossom plant that hopefully will bloom last year. I used to have 3 huge bushes full of giant white very fragrant blossoms but they were destroyed when we needed to have the ground dug up to stop a leak. They do not transplant well and died.

I saw my first newborn fawn of the season this morning galloping weakly behind its mom trying to escape me on my running road. The drought continues though we finally had an hour of heavy rain the other night. Two weeks of dryness! I try to keep things watered.

Today Steve and I went to the Arb to visit the glade that has the rhododendrons, azaleas and mountain laurel. Photos tomorrow. Then on to the peony garden where the blooms are at their peak a week early from last year no thanks to the persistent sun and heat though today was a comfortable day to walk due to low humidity. Then on to get some coconut bubble tea. And then on to the resale shop to get the matching cat head. They had moved it so I assumed it was gone but as Steve stood in line to get this fancy globe (his idea), I saw my cat. Yay!

My friend, who is fighting graft versus host disease, had enough energy yesterday to go out to lunch with me yesterday and then take a walk around her neighborhood where I saw the tulip poplar. It is cottonwood season. These things burn my eyes. Then on to visit another friend.

So the material they test for genetic defects are not fetal cells. Rather it is free floating DNA from the trophoblast. It accounts for 2-6% of the DNA found in the maternal blood, which sounds like an amazing amount given the size of the embryo versus the size of the mom. This test has only been on the market for the past 5 years.

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Loving your garden. I fail on the peonie front. Some day...
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