Saturday, May 28, 2016

Succulent birdcage

we went to a massive greenhouse sale yesterday where they had good prices on succulent plantings. In the winter, this will look good suspended over my bathtub

I have pinks of various colors blooming
pond is now surrounded by tuberous begonias. Once they grow a bit more, it will look nice

irises rescued from the old house finally bloomed. Wished I brought back all the irises
I have a huge area of evening primrose that has just started to bloom

In the beginning of the week, the forecast was for thunderstorms for 5 days straight. Instead, we have had only about 10 minutes of  light rain. They were only right about the heat: hot and humid. It has been an effort to keep things watered. Good thing water is free (except for the electricity to pump it up).
This has been sort of a boring week. All my friends are either gone or too busy. I did see two of my granddaughters on various days. I have been gardening quite a bit. Still much needs to be done. I made more flower baskets that need to grow to fill in. The pesky squirrel noticed the fresh orange slice on the oriole feeder and went for it. Licked  off every drop of grape jelly too. I haven't seen the orioles in a few days. Hopefully they didn't disappear along with the grosbeaks.
I've biked over 72 miles this week along with running quite a bit. I will be in shape.....

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Elephant's Child said...

Loving your garden, and super impressed at your diligence on the exercise front.
Winter is nearly here now. Fog until after eleven and I don't think we have got to double digits on the temperature front yet. I will go out shortly and plant a few things. And then retire inside and cook and read.


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