Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Oriole redux

He came back for the grape jelly. Unfortunately the constant rain is diluting the jelly. His mate prefers th orange. Haven't seen her yet this year

Sitting in the service berry tree
Mr. Grosbeak has been visiting us daily for the past week.
The girls doing art
Our lilac blooms have half opened up
New 9x9 tile. It's a trivet which I really don't need but it looks so cool

Spring time brings migrants such as the rose breast grosbeak and the crowned sparrows. About the same time, the orioles appeared last year so I had the feeder ready but they were late in coming. The orioles are not migrants as the nest around here though I've yet to see a nest in person. It is a woven pouch so it should be easy to identify. The oriole even spent time on the suet cake as this particular one contains dried berries. It is also right next to our bedroom so the least bit of movement will spook him unlike the downy woodpecker who ate within a few feet of me while I swept the porch. I could have grabbed him if I wanted too. The chickadees and the hummingbird also come near me. The hummingbird definitely has been visiting the feeders but so far, I took only one poor shot of it.
Yesterday I had the girls for a large part of the day. Shanna had several volunteer jobs and Maya had the day off. Our county had a one issue election that they refused to combine with the primary just 6 weeks ago. Such a waste. The schools are the election places in many precincts (we vote in the church that Naomi was married in). Since the Open Carry law, idiots insist on carrying their assault rifles into the schools while they vote. They decided to keep the kids away and thus the schools are closed for elections.
Other craziness: Some idiot was observed on video tape squirting a mixture of rat poison and hand sanitizer on produce and ready-to-eat food bars at a couple of grocery stores. They caught him at least. Why oh why?
Fortunately it was a beautiful day so the girls could run around outside kicking a soccer ball around while I did lots of gardening. Although I got a lot done, so much more needs work.
Today is stormy though I ran in between the rains. I visited my friend battling host versus graft disease. Nicking her legs while shaving sent her to the hospital for 5 days last week. About 50% of us carry beta strep but we usually can fight it off if it gets in the blood stream. She can not.

Later: much better photo of the oriole

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