Monday, May 16, 2016

Coloring for adults

We were given a choice of crayons or colored pencils

colorers at work
Maya's braids
female oriole Not as pretty as the male below
oriole, red wing blackbird and woodpecker

It is the middle of May and it was snowing. I did put my newly planted pots on the porch but for the flowers in the ground, well I hope they are all right. It never got much warmer than 45 degrees and it was windy to boot so no long bike ride. I will battle traffic today instead. I did run a long way perpendicular to the winds through the woods.
On Saturday, between rains, we did go to Maya's soccer game watching from a parked car. Most of the girls played in winter coats. She and her step sister were missing in action at the beginning of the game. They were following one of the earlier versions of the much revised schedule. It was halftime by the time I had Dontae bring the girls. Maya played goalie. Still clueless but maybe she is just too immature for this. Her mama usually was one of the best on the field.
Josh and Allie came over Sunday morning. The basement comes in handy when it is too cold to play outside. She can finally pedal a tricycle.
Coloring with the Moms in the middle of an upscale grocery store while drinking cheap craft beers was fun. All the tables were full though we saw, big surprise, hardly any men.
My maybe chicken, maybe turkey of the last post was neither. It is a guinea fowl which is a type of partridge. They are kept around as they love to eat ticks keeping chickens clean plus they are easily tamed. Still it was a surprise to find it strutting down a subdivision street though it would have been a short fly from some nearby farms.
Last night was spent learning the ins and outs of while of course, drinking wine. I haven't learned much yet that is new except my uncle who killed himself was much younger than I had thought. His brother died on the same day of natural causes 56 years later. It will be a month before we get the results of our DNA testing. Should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

I did the dna test on Ancestry and learned very little. My sister did it and her %s were different than mine, not by much though.

Elephant's Child said...

Adult colouring has taken off world wide hasn't it?
I believe that the guinea fowl are good 'watch birds' too, alerting the house when predators are near.


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