Friday, May 6, 2016

Grosbeak duo

A pensive Tess

There's a smile
Daniel amused by something on the computer. I did have him play outside a while
Did I need more dishes? I haven't bought any in 22 years. These looked cool
Beachy scene for my beachy bathroom. This set me back $3
pot of wire tulips
every doorway needs a pediment
These deer didn't mind me biking by them. Earlier in the day, I ran by a different herd of deer
Doesn't it look like he has a big heart on his chest? He also has patches of red under his wings but photos in flight are hard
Now I have 2 male grosbeaks and 2 male orioles. No females

A sad day in birdland: a beautiful male goldfinch broke his neck flying into my windows. Surprisingly this doesn't happen more often.
It was a beautiful day and not windy like the day before. I should have done my long ride today, not yesterday though I did bike some. My bike ride is in 9 weeks though the mileage isn't as far as last year's ride and the hills should be tamer.
Earlier in the week, Steve and I spit in a tube and mailed it off to get our DNA tested. Should be interesting, particularly mine. There is a quarter of me that isn't known: Jewish, Polish or German...we will see. Maya's DNA should be interesting as she is  mix of many groups: African-American, Native -American, Jewish and then the quarter that came from me: mainly Scottish, Irish, German and that unknown bit.
Rhubarb flowering as it turns out, is a sign of stress. I have to figure out how to harvest it. My kale did not die over the winter.
This has been our week of watching kids: Tuesday Tessa and Maya, last night Tessa and Daniel and tomorrow Allie.



Elephant's Child said...

It is indeed a sadness when a bird dies flying into the window. Ours are frequently so grubby that the birds know they are there.
Tessa's smile transforms her.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

This window is full of kids' handprints. Some put hawk decals though I heard these don't work.


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