Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Maya's father's new dog. Only 8 weeks old. As it is half mastiff, it will be massive
teeter totter buddies
Brunch buddy
Chicken n' waffles, yum.
Mrs. Rose-breasted grosbeak paid us a visit. So much plainer than her flamboyant mate
She visited later

Mother's Day flowers
He rules this tree chasing off much bigger finches. Bought him another feeder for when his friends show up. One may already be here I am amazed how tiny he is

Mother's Day tile. This tile covers all the colors in my living room

Mother's Day orchid

So this was my Mother's Day. Josh and Allie came before 8 am to pick us up. I assured him Ann Arbor would be empty at that hour. We'd be able to park anywhere we wanted..NOT! Are they all going to our brunch place? Nope. There was a running race a block over. After our tasty brunch in the trendy restaurant (there was a drink on the menu featuring cigar smoke as an ingredient) we went to a park by the river that has a short nature trail through the woods. Three deer were there to greet us that missed the 2016 deer slaughter. The city had a much protested program to hire sharp shooters to kill 160 deer in the city's parks which were closed for the winter. Many of the deer live on University property (a good third of the city) so they couldn't be touched. As we had much less snow than usual, the sharp shooters were unable to track the deer easily so fell  100 short of their quota. And no snow cover meant the deer could eat all winter so we have even more than we had before the deer cull. Still Allie was thrilled to see them close up.
Off for a bike ride, later than I would have normally but I wouldn't miss brunch, in my new purple cycling gloves (Josh had noticed how ratty my old ones were). Extra bonus: more tail winds than headwinds due to my timing. Just as I finished up my shower, Shanna's family came. A beautiful day for the grandkids to play outside. Tessa was surprised to learn that my name is Sue as she assumed it was just Grandma. Just before dinner, Maya and Naomi showed up. I shared Maya with a friend who came over for wine on the porch. We watched the birds and the setting sun until it was too cold.
So I got to see my babies and grandbabies all in the same day. I am blessed.

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Elephant's Child said...

It sounds like a wonderful day.
Love that tile.
And your birds. And flowers. Of course.


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