Wednesday, May 18, 2016

When pigs fly

solar flying pigs mobile. They change colors at night. Yes I am easily amused

This cutie visited this afternoon

She likes to dress up. Her head is covered with about 30 tiny braids
the azaleas are blooming
Out on my runs and bikes, I smell the sweet aroma of lilacs and honeysuckle. The Cooper's hawk is still visiting her nest; the orioles, grosbeaks, and various woodpeckers are still visiting though the crowned sparrows have gone north. Maybe tomorrow, I will plant some vegetables.
All the Moms are off on their own adventures but I still have a few friends left here to keep me occupied. Yesterday I went shopping with one of them and later had lunch and visited with another. Tuesday evenings I have Maya. Last night went much more smoothly than they previous week probably as she was tired from soccer practice and  running around here outside. She made a special point of trying to be compliant. She likes her routines; must have Greek yogurt with fig butter in the evening and waffles with plenty of syrup in the morning. Before practice, she asked her mom for an 'ugly' muffin at McDonald's. Huh? You know the one with eggs and cheese?
Rare dinner out with the hubby tonight. Perhaps I will have a Moscow Mule at the Happy Hour first.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope your dinner out is wonderful.
Love the pigs.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Many of the students have left Ann Arbor so now it isn't so crowded. Dinner was nic and my Moscow Mule even better.


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