Monday, May 23, 2016

Moscow mules

two of my mule mugs

Allie was thrilled when she found the garage sale bike I got for Maya. She instantly proclaimed: My bike!
Preparing this took forever Notice two huge rhubarb plants and some kale that didn't go away. Now has 48 additional plants: Swiss chard, a variety of peppers, squash, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes. This time I gave the plants plenty of room
chestnut blossoms . The hummingbirds have been seen on them instead of my feeders
The other team didn't show up for the game Maya is number 2
garage sale art. These are original paintings. Look good in the bedroom

I almost slept through the night last night! Gone are the days in which I will close my eyes at night to open them  when it is light out. Usually I need to amuse myself with podcasts so not to disturb Steve, waiting impatiently for dawn. I assume that I slept 9 hours straight because I was exhausted with all that I did this weekend.
I was on the road before 7 yesterday trying to beat the traffic and the north winds that would intensify as the day progressed. I had meant to go 30 miles but at the farthest point I realized that I miscalculated and unless I made some major route changes, it would be closer to 40. I ended up taking some dirt roads, which fortunately weren't in bad shape whittling the route to 32. Long enough for the shape I am currently in. It was a good ride. Riding north as the sun came up to my left, the bright light flickered through the trees like a strobe. In susceptible people, this could set off seizures. I only saw a few deer but in a long stretch, I saw plenty of horses and a few peacocks.
The day before after a morning of both running and biking, I spent more than 3 hours clearing the vegetable garden to plant my vegetables. I really hate bending down for so long. It was a sore body I took on my long ride the next day. As I lay on the couch recovering, Steve asked me if I would like him to prepare me a drink (he rarely asks this). Sure. I let him surprise me. Unbeknownst to me, he got me a set of Moscow mule mugs and the ingredients. I love ginger and lime combinations. His mule was much tastier than the last few ones I had at bars recently. Anyway, it really hit he spot.
We also cleared out the pond, a disgusting job. I haven't set up the waterfall yet because I need some shade loving plants to go around it. I made a few flower planters, a much more enjoyable task. Way more needs to be done including clearing a patch of all things, buttercups. They are very hard to get rid of. A new plague for me.
A new bird appeared at my bedroom feeder: a hairy woodpecker, which looks just like a downy (of whom I have 4 regulars) but is about 2 inches longer and has a much larger bill. I was afraid to move to get the camera as they are much shyer of people (downies ignore me).
The wrens are back checking out their old house. They are quite plain but sing so nicely. They don't come to the feeder but were very efficient picking off invaders in my garden. The swallows haven't come back to their old nests but are patrolling the yard for bugs too.
We did get a visit from Josh and Allie yesterday, a good day to be outside. Her bangs are now covering her eyes so her early baldness is over.

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Elephant's Child said...

Gardening is frequently hard work. Worth it, but hard just the same.
I am awed at your ride. And love the chestnut blossoms.


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