Wednesday, July 29, 2015


wall of orange cosmos

this gerber used to grow at the other house
squash blossom. I doin't see any baby squashes but I do see peppers and tomatoes in my garden along with mature chard and kale
took this early this morning. I see a lot more yellow 5 hours later
I have lots of coreopsis
moss rose
Indian feather that I transplanted from old house

I dug this up today from the old house (also in the past, got some of the red yarrow) This is called a leopard or blackberry lily. It has leaves like an iris, flowers like an Asiatic lily which last for only a day like a day lily. So what is it really? According to its DNA, it's an iris. Its seeds look like blackberry seeds, thus the name. It is allegedly invasive. Maybe it is because I never bought this plant. It just appeared 2 summers ago and has multiplied somewhat. Looks all droopy in its new place but maybe it will survive. If not, the seed pods last for ever and I can grow it that way
Finally it rained for the first time in  11 days though only for about 15 minutes. Still hot and humid. After my run, I went to the Farmer's Market hoping to replace a basket of sick petunias. No reasonable baskets! I am making one with my over stuffed planters instead though transplanting things in the heat is not a good idea. I have the transplanted stuff in the shade until it recovers. I bought some cut glads to pretty the inside of my house and some juicy peaches. Also a delphinium which I accidentally broke the flower stalk of. Maybe it will grow a new one
Three weeks ago, a lady in my cooking class gave me about 8 mature hibiscuses. Until now, they have looked like ugly dead things sticking in the dirt but I see new growth on some of the sticks so maybe I will have 4 plants survive. I don't think I will get flowers until next year. I wish she had gave me baby plants instead of the old plants. I am trimming off everything that for sure is dead.

I went to the old house for the first time in 3 weeks. The place depresses me. Fortunately the lack of rain has cut down on the weed growth though I found plenty to pull up. I also watered everything guaranteeing that it will rain later. And I dug up some of the many cleomes and some leopard lily to replant here

Why does renting a car in Seattle cost twice as much as it does in LA or even San Francisco? Maybe we should have just taken a cab to Steve's sister's.... Or flown to a different airport.


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Elephant's Child said...

Loving your garden.
Sigh on the old house still hanging round your neck.


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