Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Clay village

My alliums are finally opening up  For the longest time, they looked like purple rubber balls

Clay village we bought at an art fair 38 years ago. It has 5 holes for plantings. I especially love the tiny flowers on the Irish moss

It was very close today, a term a Pittsburgh friend used to discuss high heat and humidity. Yep it felt like it was closing in on me on my very early morning run trying to beat the oncoming storm. A suffocating moisture bringing out biting flies that would tangle up in my hair. I noted with annoyance that a power wire that must have been knocked down in the storms of 2 weeks ago now had dropped down to the road. Am I the only one who notices these things? I hadn't run this way in more than a week and I forgot to call it in. It could be a telephone line for all I know. So I decided to be good and call DTE (power company) to report it. I immediately was told that there was a very long wait and I should go to their website (this was before today's storm so I don't know why they are having outages). I go to the website but without an exact address of the problem (there are no houses for that half mile), it wouldn't accept my complaint. No wonder nothing gets fixed when it  is impossible to report a problem. I finally called our local fire department (after 6 rings!!) who said they would deal with it.

Today we handled a lot of financial decisions with an advisor. So much to think about. A lot of it was to protect the kids in case we both suddenly died. So things will be less messy for them after today. You're welcome kids! But the whole experience made my head hurt. I am not a stupid person but some tax rules are very difficult for me to understand. We still have some stuff to sort out but it can wait for a bit.

We went out for a rare lunch together next to the planner. It was nice. You would think we'd have all the time in the world to do this more often but with the move and dealing with The Money Pit, we haven't found the time. then on to shopping: wiper blades for the car (can Steve install them without Josh? We shall see) and flashing lights for my bike so I won't be roadkill due to being unseen.

I am done with various projects; I have no more Groupons that are expiring. I will take a break from all that.

I have a bike ride to get ready for, a class tomorrow after a training ride, a MOMS group and I am off.

Yesterday a good friend came over for lunch. Nice when I have guests. And after the rain today, it cooled off.


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Elephant's Child said...

Love the alliums and the clay village.
Complicated tax rules and regulations seem to be a given the world over. Sigh. And will undoubtedly change and mean you have to revisit those decisions again. Bigger sigh.


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