Sunday, July 5, 2015

Indigo bunting

White lily from yard

Couldn't photograph the bunting but these were nearby
This was just so pink
Palm trees in Michigan?
Pretty lake
fields of wheat
Sadly, not my photo but I did see one today: indigo bunting
Multitasking: watered the plants on my bike ride. Although this looks like a lily, its leaves are similar to an iris Must figure out a way to transplant it at the new house. It is too tall for the rock garden

I failed to get up at 5:30  for my longest  training ride yet but fortunately, those I share a road with must have slept in today so I was treated with very little traffic even through the bit of Ann Arbor I went through. I covered some new territory before ending up on the road that was the regular route I took when I lived at the old house. Part of it was recently repaved by the worst road crew ever.
They seemed to incorporate extra bumps into the road.
So I saw my second indigo bunting ever though there have been times I probably saw the males on a cloudy day when they just appear to be little black finches.  Sun is needed to see the beautiful blue color. He was too small to photograph without my good lens. I stopped within minutes to photograph 2 sandhill cranes right next to the road. Ten years ago I only saw them at a park but now, they are all over. I hear them and see them on my running route. Still they are impressive.
I was hoping to attract them to my feeder. I get lots of finches, why not those. They presumably are more common up north. Maybe I will see one up there. What I really want to see is a loon. I hear them (up north, none down state). Josh will canoe the Boundary Waters (Minnesota and Canada) where they are plentiful in a month.
I stopped by the house to water so we don't have to make the extra trip. I also picked and ate my raspberry crop. Fifteen  huge juicy berries, woo-hoo.
Nothing is scheduled today. I will relax.

Update: while I was relaxing, what appeared to be a large goldfinch landed on the hummingbird feeder I have right outside my bedroom window so I can see the hummers in the evening. I was puzzled as finches don't care for nectar but then the male oriole hopped on too making all sorts of noises (where are my oranges and grape jelly was he screaming?) To the left you can see the blurry female reacting to me moving. I immediately went out to fill their special feeder which I have neglected as it has been 3 weeks since I've seen the male and 2 months since I have seen the female.


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Elephant's Child said...

Laughing at the birds making your dereliction of duty obvious. They do it here as well.
We have just had a road near our home extensively repaired. And in the first fall of rain the slack job they did became evident. Huge holes have developed. They just didn't compact the surface at all. False economy at its best. Or worst.


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