Thursday, July 30, 2015


alpaca on my ride this morning

hopefully my friend with leukemia can handle this succulent garden
yep this wall needed a metal iris
finally got my Belgian watercolor hung up
and my mirror
sunflower still not open


I recently read that insomnia isn't as common as people report. As it turns out, people grossly underestimate the sleep they get. They will undergo a sleep study saying that they tossed and turned all night but the monitor shows otherwise.
Podcasts lull me to sleep. I took this one to California a few months back of an interview with Candace Bergen. I think I had to listen to it 10 times to get the whole thing as I would drop of after 5 minutes. As I wake up not tired, maybe I am getting enough sleep. Still I long for the good old days in which I close my eyes not to open them until the next morning.
A busy day. Today is the only day I don't immediately start exercising so I can get a few things done around the house. Cleaned out the feeders, rearranged my indoor flowers, hung things up, cleaned things up. Once the traffic died down, out biking. A new route though with the strong sun, I had to play the annoying game of shadow or pothole. Went by an alpaca farm and stopped at Shanna's briefly.
Then on to my friend's who just got a transfusion so was feeling a bit better. She has moved down to the main level of her house as stairs now are huge obstacles when her blood counts drop. She is doing chemo to keep her leukemia at bay while the insurance company takes its sweet time approving the bone marrow transplant. Then the search for a donor. She is on a chemo vacation for 2 weeks. If things don't go as planned, she will have to undergo another cycle when I get back. I will be taking her to some of her infusions. One aspect of the transplant I didn't appreciate is that she will have to get a whole set of new immunizations. She will no longer  have her hay fever unless her donor happens to have it too. Their allergies will become her allergies. So strange.

 Her place is very nicely decorated. She has a wall of mirrors: about 20 small mirrors of various kinds. Looked nice. We sat in her pretty shaded garden until pollen of some sort irritated her.
It was a bit cooler (85) but as it was dry, it didn't feel so oppressively hot. And I found a local source of my Blood Orange Beer near my friend's house.

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Elephant's Child said...

The succulent garden looks amazing. I do hope your friend can enjoy it. And hope all goes well for her.


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