Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Miss Maya is Five

The birthday girl
She got an early start to her birthday last night with her purple cake, her favorite color

I had promised Maya a waterpark trip today but alas, it is way too cold. There is a small farm we can visit at the same place. Steve is out finding more Frozen stuff for her.
Naomi was only 18 when she became pregnant with Maya; a very young 18; not like 18 year old Sue though who knows how I would have handled this. Different times.. And she kept this bit of news hidden for almost 4 months. One certainly couldn't tell from looking at her as her belly was perfectly flat. I was very upset. How could she possibly raise a child when she was such a child herself? And she warned me long in advance that she would never, never terminate a pregnancy. She thought she might be about 10 weeks or so but the ultrasound clearly showed a much older fetus (16 weeks).
The week she was born was a hellish week. I was covered in poison ivy;I had fallen down and broke 4 teeth; a very old friend betrayed us and launched us into legal hell for the next year; Naomi technically didn't have insurance as DHS felt that there would be no rush to get her coverage as she didn't 'look all that pregnant'.
But her labor was as easy as a labor could be. She had said in advance that she would not have an epidural as the thought of a needle in her spine disgusted her. Easy to say when one is not in pain but she sent the anesthesiologist away even during the 2 hour period she actually felt something. Maya was the only one of the five who was not a C-section. I got to watch her emerge into the world, a thrill.
She is such a sweet, happy little sprite. She has struggled with language delays but is very proud of the things she can do. She will be here soon to see what she gets for her birthday. Must wrap presents.


Elephant's Child said...

Happy birthday to Miss Maya. A beautiful girl.

Snowbrush said...

Poor old scutter! Five today, the rest home tomorrow!


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