Thursday, July 23, 2015

The color orange

Tiger lilies Would have a lot more if they weren't so tasty to deer

tiny spider webs all over this zinnia

Why is a robin called robin red breast when it has an orange breast? Why are red heads called red heads when their hair is usually closer to orange? Presumably the name 'orange' is relatively recent in English.
I like orange. In the fall, I wear an orange coat even though I look like a giant pumpkin. I have orange sparkly nails.
I now smell sweet grass down here. The other day, a truck cut down the vegetation close to the road. Cut sweet grass smells stronger than uncut so I was able to smell it. I was a tad nervous being near the truck as some of the vegetation is poison ivy. Don't need the oil from that on me.
And back on the bike. So much different riding through Plymouth suburbs than the countryside last week


Elephant's Child said...

You are right. The Robin was given its name before oranges were introduced to the UK. Mind you, I think quite a lot of bird names show a serious lack of imagination. Your magpies are different to our magpies, and both of them are different to UK magpies. I don't think they are even related species.
Love your tiger lilies. One year ours grew to be eight foot tall, and had dozens of blooms. Their pollen stains though.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

We don't seem to have magpies around here though I think I have seen them out west. I think they are black and white crows. I have seen them in various parts of Europe.

As for bad bird names, the purple finch is not the least bit purple but is red.

I try to cut off the stamens of the Asiatic lilies when I bring them inside or I will have a pile of orange dye everywhere.


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