Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Snow bunting or zebra finch

109 miles and 2 days later, I am still alive As this app is not user friendly, it will be edited when I return.   The first day as we  were rolling up to our site, a mostly white finch sized bird with orange streaks was in front of us.  I took a real crude photo before it flew away.   Was it a snow bunting which should be in the arctic this time of year?  What it looks like is an albino zebra finch which must be an escaped pet as they are from Australia. The next morning on the trail, I thought I saw a huge cat but it turned out to be an injured gray fox. This horoscope  (photo!!...damn that autocorrect)was from our drinking buddy. It was just a few feet from my friend but since it didn't scurry away, I was afraid it was rabid and we shouldn't stop. the Dnr was called as it was behaving bizarrely. Downstate we only have red fox and I see one maybe once every two years so a new animal for me.  we are lucky to have escaped the storms forecasted though today we rode through drizzle. flowers are bigger and ore vibrantly colored. Photos later.  Very pretty scenery but some scary hills today. I had to walk up some and was scared how steep the downhills were.  we are staying in Bellaire. Home of a great brewpub where I had too much to drink but had fun. tomorrow won't be the 62 miles of today and we'll go around the prettiest lake in Michigan, Torch Lake

Still haven't figured what this bird is

Art Park in central Cheybogan

nice dinner next to the water on the river that leads to Lake Huron. Blood Orange Honey ales, a local speciality

eye of the salmon

clay maps

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Elephant's Child said...

109 miles in two days sounds soooo impressive to me.
Well done. Keep having fun.


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