Sunday, July 26, 2015

Clouds with no rain

Last night

chicken mailbox on my bike ride this morning
A visit from Allie later
giant (my height) sunflower still not opened
Must have been raining somewhere

We have had a very wet spring and early summer but now the rain has stopped for more than a week with maybe some coming Wednesday. It doesn't take long for everything to dry out. The rain promised yesterday did not come though it was very foggy this morning delaying my bike ride a tad. It almost felt cool this morning. Back to my 20 mile loop which has a 4 mile climb after a 5 mile flat ride. At least it feels easier now. Somehow I never seem to feel the downhill on the way back.
My bike carrier fell apart as Josh was giving Allie a ride this morning. 4 years of bike rides for the kids so I guess it was worth the $15. All is missing is a wing nut to affix the wheel to the axle. At some point, I will go over Josh's path to find it. Allie ate her first peach wanting more, more , more. The peaches purchased for the pie are finally ripe.
At one point I looked up and saw a flock of 20 swallows hovering over my driveway. Eat those mosquitos please! On my porch, the mom is still sitting on the eggs. The dad swoops in regularly to feed her. Not sure these babies will be ready in time for the big migration south. Not many bird visitors these days though the female oriole paid a visit this morning. I've given up hanging oranges and jelly for her.


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