Saturday, July 11, 2015

Solar water lilies

Map of our first day. Only the last day will be shorter and easier.

I gave up on real water lilies as they are too expensive and need more light. Bonus: these glow in the dark

More stuff: cute candlesticks
Tess and her 2 year old guest share blueberries

As this was signed on back and allegedly bought at an Art Fair, I was very excited to think I got an original water color. Closer examination reveals that it is just a print

By this time tomorrow, we'll be almost to the starting point of our ride: Cheybogan. I am busy packing. Through Map My Ride, one can see the elevation gains. The scariest will be Thursday when we start in Traverse City at 558 feet, reach 1278 feet in 30 miles and at mile 70, we are at 1325. Also we go a good 45 miles without going through any towns. I guess we will be provided a lot of Kind bars.

Yesterday was busy getting ready. I had my nails done and visited Shanna. To make things easier for myself, I did not make a fancy dessert, just bought Indian goodies near the nail place. Unfortunately they were out of cardamom ice cream but saffron pistachio was good along with their milky nut sweets.

Out in the country for a fun MOMs group..good food, martinis,conversations, etc.

I will post photos when I can from the ride. Here's hoping for no rain.

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Elephant's Child said...

Have fun, and travel safely. Both of equal importance.


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