Friday, December 5, 2014

We bought a house

The fireplace is made up of recycled Boston cobblestones. Either gas or logs can be used in this

Kitchen, dinette, and family room are almost one big room. We will have two ovens

One of the spare bedrooms (4 bedrooms all together). They will sell us the dresser and bed

Master bed room .Along the crown molding are mood lights but I couldn't figure out how to get them to work
These light fixtures are all over the place. I like them
Bedroom where I will put Naomi's bedroom set. I like the window and the ceiling

Jetted tub.  do not like this blue paint especially with the black granite sinks. I am thinking chocolate brown or maybe some gold, brown and black glass tiles

For the past two days, we've been going back and forth negotiating the buying of this house. The sellers had just dropped the price considerably and weren't in the mood to drop it further. As we came without an agent, we thought that the seller's agent could contribute some of her share. (talk about an awkward conversation). I know she kicked in initially 1/6 of the commission. Since we rejected their counteroffer, I assume she kicked in more. There was another buyer, but their offer was contingent on them selling their house (in our neighborhood!) so our offer, still less than they would have liked looked attractive. Today the other people dropped that contingency but too bad and late for them, our counteroffer had been accepted.

The house is a large ranch in a sub where this is the leas expensive house by far (some very fancy houses there).Our visitors in two weeks can come look at it. The sellers have been very nice and invited us in before the inspection  today to answer any questions. The lady went around the grounds with me pointing out all the many plants and bushes that are hibernating. There is a raised garden for vegetables (keeping out rabbits but not deer). So there will be lots of tulips, lilies and daffodils along with azaleas and lilacs and dogwood. There is also a water fountain next to the patio which has built in planter boxes. Its gardens and landscaping is what I like best. Although the inside is very clean, some of the rooms look too plain for my taste but I suppose that can be fixed. Steve loves it and keeps contrasting it with the house we rescinded the contract on for its bad septic field (this one passed inspection already) (the other house was larger and had the best looking kitchen, dining room, living room and family room but the other rooms weren't particularly nice. Plus the whole upstairs had ugly, dirty wornout carpet.).

We used the same inspector as last time as he was so thorough. With the other house, he had pages and pages of things wrong but could only come up with a few minor things for this house.

I am warming up to the house especially as the gardens sound like they are going to be so nice. I've spent years making my gardens at this house and I will have to leave them. I have been trying to think what furniture we have will fit this house. I think many of the rooms will be empty for a while. Meanwhile the basement has even more square feet than the main level. It is only partially finished.

The sellers are car collectors. They built a house down south whose whole lower level is an 8 car garage. This place has a 4+car garage so I think we will actually be able to squeeze our cars in with all our other stuff.

So lots of work ahead of us in the next few months which intimidates me


Jacquelineand.... said...

Congratulations on the new house! It's a hectic, exciting time but I know the challenge won't slow you down a bit.

Kat&Chris said...

Congrats on the new house Sue and Steve! It looks and sounds lovely- can't wait to see the photos of flowers and landscaping come spring.

Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations. Some very busy times ahead - but it will be worth it.


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