Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Close call

The green marble of Bonassola. I have chunks of it in my rock garden

Downtown Bonassola

Bern street. They do know how to grow geraniums

mural in Riomaggiore. Giant tuna

Water lilies Isola Bella
The house is quite a bit lighter. Gone are non-functioning lamps and unneeded kitchen supplies. What they left behind was a mattress , an exercise bike, and lots of baseball cards.

And tomorrow, we finally get some much needed electrical work done.

The other day, a small plane crashed into a house in Maryland killing 3 people on the plane and 3 people in the house. I google-mapped Josh's ex-in-laws. Yep, their house was a block away. A close call.


Elephant's Child said...

A very close call. My heart goes out to the affected families.

Teri Bernstein said...

Nice pictures! sigh...


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