Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Maya Lin's Wave Field on North Campus

Tidepool near Haystack Rock, Oregon. Wonder if these starfish are still alive
A huge hunk of my time yesterday was spent waiting between my 3 appointments. I quickly read the one interesting magazine that was less than a year old. The rest of the time I spent editing photos on my iPhone.  Some of the results are above.I was playing with shadows with the wave field photos.

But maybe that will be my last trip to the cancer center. The place is full of bad memories. It is also sad to see those in treatment. I had asked the oncologist whether seeing her really was necessary any more. No it is not. I do still need mammograms but I will get them in another place.

While she was examining my girls, I asked her How bad do these look? She has seen a lot to compare them with. Even though she said she has seen worse, she said there was considerable dissymmetry and retractions from all the scarring. Perhaps a plastic surgeon could fix some of it. As all of this is due to cancer treatment (they looked good before), insurance has to pay for it. So I have a consult coming up.

Big day today as we will be meeting with the realtor about the house in the middle of no where. Yep I have mixed feelings.

Google plus chose the tidepool as an 'awesome photo' for them to manipulate. Not much different though the stars are redder


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Elephant's Child said...

Love, love, love the wave field.

And would definitely share your mixed feelings on the house front - and on the surgery front.
Good luck.


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