Saturday, December 13, 2014

12-13-14 Our sequential anniversary

Steve and I and my parents

The professor: I ran his lab for 3 years. He was so sweet! He used to have a license to marry but it had expired

My lab partner pHred (that's how he spelled it)
Steve and I were married in a Shriner's club called the Grotto 37 years ago. It was not an elegant affair. It had several cringe-worthy moments. All my kids had much more deluxe weddings. I wore a prom dress though I suppose I could have fit into my mother's dress that she saved for me. For the reception we had in Ann Arbor, my mother and I cooked the food. I think the entire wedding cost less than a thousand with most of the cost going towards the band. My father was the photographer. Although he made plenty of money selling his photos to stock photography houses and won many awards, he was particularly awful at taking photos of people. I think these photos are particularly poor. My step-grandmother paid for the silverware and the cake. She helped set things up. She always hated my father (her step-son, just a few years younger than herself) and complained bitterly how cheap he was as we worked. Finally I just burst into tears because I was not responsible for his behavior and she felt bad because 'it was my day'. We had another reception in NYC a few days later.

Thirty-seven years. Three kids and five many things we have lived through together. When I was young, my father repeatedly told me how it was a good thing I was smart because given my appearance, no one was going to marry me. I would have to support myself. Good thing Steve disagreed. He has never even hinted that I was less than beautiful.


Elephant's Child said...

Happy anniversary. I would agree with Steve rather than your father - and wince in memory. My father said much the same...

Kat&Chris said...

You look beautiful in your wedding photos. Happy Anniversary!


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