Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Again these photos have nothing to do with the content of the blog. From the Cotswolds. Steve worked in Sandwich England for a month in  2007. I went to visit him for 2 weeks. in the last week, we travelled

They have impressive hedges

Lots of pheasants...rare around here these days

Steve on the Cotswold Way

Lone chapel outside of Chipping Camden
The other day, I wrote about some of the ridiculous laws the State House passed recently. Most of them benefitted the majority party's main constituency: Big Business. No surprise there. But their other constituency is the Conservative Christian Right. I use the word christian very, very loosely as IMHO they are just the opposite of christians. They are haters, pure and simple. No 'judge lest ye be judged'. No 'love thy neighbor as thyself''.

What they just passed is this inaptly named Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It gives individuals and businesses the freedom to use their religion as a tool to discriminate.

Basically the new law promises them that as a business or as individuals, they do not have to serve people whose beliefs are repugnant to them. Gay people can just bleed to death as far as they are concerned. The governor can veto this bill. We will see. He is a moderate Republican. No word yet how he is leaning.

Today I was very busy, running, biking, filling bags and bags of stuff to be given away tomorrow. Also filling up the trash and recycle bins to the brim as tomorrow is also trash day. Sadly, lots of stuff left.


Elephant's Child said...

That is a truly frightening law and I so hope that it is vetoed. And that our Government doesn't latch on to it and a wonderful idea.

Lisa said...

I'm afraid that you are correct about the conservative right. I refuse to call them Christians, because they aren't adhering to the principles taught by Christ.


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