Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shanna and the shammas candle

Shanna is holding the shammas candle (Hebrew for servant) that is lit first , is used to light the other candles, and then takes its place at the far left (it has to be higher than theother candles; some menorah have it in the middle)

Who is going to want to buy this all white kitchen? It was all clean and tidy before the visitors. Everyone is singing Oh Algebra, Oh Algebra at my SIL's request

The sibs

 As you must know by now, I love alliteration. And Shanna's name fits the bill.

Hanukah overlapped our family's stay. Given that everyone (except 4 spouses) is  to some degree Jewish, we had an evening of celebration complete with deli, latke, candles, prayers and toys for the kids. They learned how to spin dreidels and use yo-yos. And who doesn't love Hanukah gelt, both the chocolate and real kind.

It is almost 50 degrees out. Yay! Somehow poltergeists got into my garage and messed around with the air valve leading to a flat yesterday. I took the offending wheel into the bike shop today (my 7th trip I think). The tire seemed to hold air once they inflated it but they said the valve had been open. I never had touched it. . They did find a small, sharp rock embedded in the tread but didn't think it went deep enough to puncture the tube. If they are wrong, there will be yet another trip there but I was able to ride my 1600th mile for the year after my visit. Inner nag now quiet

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Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations on achieving 1600 miles. That is a real accomplishment.
And seasons best (and love and laughter) to you and yours.


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