Sunday, December 7, 2014

Reducing breast size to reduce breast cancer risk

maybe today I will find my zinnia heads to seed at the new place
Wall of impatiens

I was told there will be a collection of daylilies and Asiatic lilies

California poppies in my rock garden

my rock garden in spring. Lots of creeping phlox and primroses

Above are some of my flowers I will miss.

At the oncologist visit last week, I got a referral for a plastic surgeon to deal with my misshapen chest. I made an appointment for February (that I will probably cancel or postpone as I will be too involved in the moving process). They sent me an information packet that mainly dealt with breast reduction and its benefits (nothing about repairing cancer surgery mess). Aside from the usual blurb about no more backaches and sores from the bra strap digging into my shoulder (none of this lone big breast isn't that big), it mentioned that reducing the amount of breast tissue will reduce breast cancer significantly. Hmmmm...that's a new one. Do tiny breasted people have less risk?

Mastectomy reduces risk significantly (though not completely because there is always some breast tissue they can't remove deep into the chest wall). Maybe with less breast, one can feel tumors more readily? Even though I knew where my tumor was and it was fairly close to the surface, I couldn't feel it. My incision is  so lumpy and hard, if a new tumor appeared, I wouldn't be able to tell. And I assume I will be getting new scars and lumps associated with the surgery. At some point, I need to contact my insurance to make sure that this is all covered. If not, I will just live with my Picasso chest (one up, one down).

Stupid things the state is doing (or how I hate a certain political party):
Refusing to lower the weight of trucks even though trucks go out of their way to drive in our state with overweight trucks crumbling our roads. To fix the roads, they  propose funneling the funds normally given to schools into roads instead. Drug testing for any one who receives any benefits at whose expense? The padlock law: if any tenant is even suspected of illegal activity (drugs, prostitution..) the rental house or apartment gets padlocked for a year. This is to encourage responsible property owners. Do property owners want their property to turn into a drug house? I think not. How will they screen without getting into more trouble with Fair Housing Laws?

This is my experience being a landlord ( though I guess I still am one since we own the condo Naomi is in). My father died leaving a vagrant occupying his house. Technically my mom owned the house but as she had advanced Alzheimers and was in a home. I was her co-conservator (and guardian). The vagrant was mentally ill and believed himself to be above the law. Unfortunately he had 'legal' occupancy as my father invited him (my father asked him to leave but he father chose to die rather than deal with him). He needed to be evicted, which took time and lots of money and court dates. Meanwhile he left unregistered vehicles in the driveway which is a misdemeanor in that city..not for the vehicle's owner but for the property owner. So I received these letters threatening huge fines and jail time for failing to comply with the law. I sent him a letter implying his vehicles will be towed if they were visible but he knew that my mom would be penalized, not him and was too lazy to put them in the garage.. I tried to explain to the city the situation. They gave me an extra month ( I needed two months and I was working as fast as legally possible).

Anyway, I believe the powers that be should go after the criminal, not after the people who unwittingly harbor them.

It looks so nice out right now but I know
 my feet will freeze on a bike ride. I have started to tackle the huge job of getting ready to leave.



Elephant's Child said...

My mother would have agreed with that plastic surgeon. When one of mama's friends was diagnosed with breast cancer my mother told her to get a second opinion 'They have made a mistake. You can't have breast cancer. You are flat-chested...' She was wrong (and I was ashamed of her).
Love your gardens - and am looking forward to what you can create in your new home. Which you will.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

When I had a breast cancer scare 15 years ago, my mother said that it probably was just deodorant (though the lesion was close to my chest was removed with the real breast cancer and turned out to be benign).


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