Saturday, December 6, 2014

No Christmas tree, no Christmas tree..

5 year old Josh and Steve in front of our house

I love this photo of Shanna sitting on my brother's motorcycle in 1984. Josh is holding a box of raisins. In other photos, he is snacking on a box of rice krispies
Shanna is finishing up her senior year; Naomi kindergarten. Now Naomi is a head taller than Shanna

Shanna's first day of kindergarten. The kids look very similar. Once I cut Shanna's hair short, people would ask if they were twins even though Shanna was almost 3 years older. Naomi does not look like them
I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. To make my life a tad easier, I will not be putting up the Xmas tree. Last year I hosted the Xmas party  so I decorated the house. The kids all have their own trees so the grandkids aren't treeless.

The Purple Heart people are coming this week so I have to get things ready for them. I am trying to persuade Steve he doesn't need 3 heavy winter coats.
But they all are good.
Then why did you buy  replacements?

I also don't feel like moving 3 heavy copies of Chemistry and Physics Handbook (I've yet to see him open these). I had thrown away a broken 1969  electric calculator that you plug in and has 4, count'em, functions. It is twice as big as my iPad and probably cost half as much (in 1970 dollars, much more). Again it is broken. He retrieved that from the garbage saying it's an antique and will be worth something someday.

Since it is above freezing today, I emptied all my hanging baskets and planters. I will not be moving dirt. I also sawed down some weed trees and pulled up some dead cleome stalks., which gave me a rash. I also emptied all my bags of impatiens. I won't have a  shady wall to hang them on..actually very little shade period. Plus the bags are contaminated now with impatiens fungus.

Yeah I know, the new house's basement is more than 50% bigger than our current entire house. But that doesn't mean we need to fill it.


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Elephant's Child said...

You are making me shudder in sympathy.
My partner has the socks he wore to boarding school (which he hated). They haven't fitted in well over thirty years. I have thrown them out twice and they have mysteriously reappeared.


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