Monday, February 10, 2014

Tough sledding ahead

Maya prefers her owl hat backwards

Since we took down the tree, more room for toddler gym equipment
Oliver and his foam penguin in the foreground; Shanna hauling up the sled followed by Maya;
in the background is the condo complex where Naomi lives

Sledding was actually perfect. The tough part was climbing the part of the hill that the sleds weren't on as our snow base is several feet deep, tough if you are only a bit above 3 feet tall yourself. Again we got more snow overnight in our never ending winter but it was calm, sunny and a toasty 21 degrees. We have to reset what we consider warm these days. We brought 3 kids and 2 sleds though 2 of them could go on the orange sled at once ( a steal at a garage sale for 50 cents). Initially Maya had trouble bringing the sled back up the hill dropping it several times but then she got into the spirit of it. Daniel didn't care for the whole business and played by himself in the playground some of the time.

A fun day. Below are Daniel and Oliver going down together. Maya is in the pink bring up the penguin.

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