Monday, February 24, 2014

Love among the Falcons

Angel's trumpet flower: This is in my brother's front yard. It and its fruit are poisonous

Muir Beach

Bunkers at Muir Beach overlook

hills covered in heather

Peregrine falcons having fun

Afterwards: the satisfied female

Stinson Beach

Crossing the Golden Gate into Marin County. Completely foggy coming back
Charlotte, the Jack Russell, enjoying her ride across the bridge

Muir Beach Overlook

reflection at Stinson Beach

more seals

overlook at Muir That dot on the highest rock is the falcon
view looking north from that promontory
Yesterday was busy. First a run along the beach and then to Marin County taking the scenic route along the Pacific through the San Francisco neighborhoods. Love the architecture but didn't stop for photos. We did stop at Ranch 99, huge, huge Asian grocery store for my red pepper plum wine but no luck..  So over the bridge into Marin. Although the morning was foggy (sparing my eyes as I ran southeast), the middle of the day was very clear and then the fog rolled in about 4. Our main stops were Muir Beach, the Muir Beach Overlook, the town of Stinson Beach for lunch (a picnic with sandwiches from a good deli), and Stinson Beach itself. We also stopped for seals and heather patches. Lots to see. The highlight would be the falcons. I've seen them before but usually through scopes as they like to perch high above. Then they can dive at 200 mph on their prey, usually another bird. This one was only about 20 feet above the viewing stand for the ocean. She sat there was a good 15 minutes being photographed. At one point, a noisy male landed upon her, they seemed to mate screeching the entire time, and then the male flew off. She remained perched for another 5 minutes in which Steve look numerous photographs of her. He was back at the car retrieving another lens during the mating but my brother caught that. I captured it all too but alas, iphones do have their limits.

But the views were beautiful, foggy beaches, heather covered hills, redwoods, a close pod of seals on a sandbar, lots of other birds.

We stopped at an In-and Out burger place on the way home. Huge lines. They were tasty but I am not sure they justify the long lines.

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