Sunday, February 16, 2014

Michigan from afar

This is us all covered with ice
After the short program, our favorite ice dancers are in 8th place. So many of the pairs, including the foreign ones, train in Michigan. Who knew Michigan was the ice dancing capital?

Yesterday's cooking adventure: molten chocolate lava cakes at Naomi's request. She made them and I cleaned up. With the leftover egg whites, I tried to perfect my French meringues..taste good but I need to invest in a bag to pipe the dough onto the sheet.

We had a visit from Allie and her so precious. Between our travels and theirs, we might not see them for several weeks. Julie and her mini-me

From warmer times:

Anza-Borrego badlands with Salton sea

The Block of the Discord

My bad hair circa 1982

When Shanna visited from LA

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